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Three vegetables effective in preventing dementia and restoring memory

It lowers blood sugar and body fat, improves bone health,

Check the effect of restoring memory and improving dementia-related indicators

It is a sweet, bitter, and spicy vegetable like ginseng, garlic, chives, and green onions, and its original name is Allium Hookeri, which is called root chives, and is known to be effective for various adult diseases.

The effects of Samchae are diabetes improvement through blood sugar control, obesity prevention through body fat reduction, bone health improvement and menopause improvement, hangover prevention and liver function improvement, asthma improvement and immune control. ​

Saponin in the root of the ginseng helps insulin action and lowers blood sugar, and calcium, phosphoric acid, and dietary sulfur in the ginseng strengthens bone density, helping to prevent arthritis and osteoporosis, and dietary sulfur in the ginseng strengthens immunity and detoxifies harmful substances.

three quarters

Allium hookeri is called Samchae because it tastes sweet, bitter, and spicy, and is called Samchae because it tastes like ginseng and resembles young ginseng, and is also called root chives.

Bae Dae-yeol, CEO of Pacific Energy, a restaurant company that hit the jackpot with “Unusual Spicy Fish Stew,” first brought Samchae to Korea from Myanmar. It is a plant native to an alpine region of 1,400 to 4,200m above sea level in Myanmar’s Shanju region near the Himalayas and is a herb that has been used as a medicinal herb by Myanmar’s native people, calling it “Jumit (root chives).

As Samchae was introduced in Korea, it is cultivated not only in Jeolla-do, including Sunchang, but also throughout Korea, including Gyeongsang-do, Chungcheong-do, Gangwon-do, and Jeju-do. Domestic ginseng contains more essential amino acids, dietary sulfur, and saponin than imported acids.

Characteristics of Samchae

○ Roots, leaves, and flowers are all edible.

○ It is easy to grow because it is resistant to pests.

○ It has healthy ingredients and various functionality.

the efficacy of three vegetables

anticancer effect

Samchae contains healthy ingredients such as sulfur and saponin, which can produce anti-cancer effects.

Improvement of cognitive abilities and degenerative brain diseases

The Rural Development Administration has found that mice that have consumed three vegetables have high cognitive abilities during its research over the past decade. Therefore, we fed the animal model of cognitive decline and degenerative brain disease, and evaluated behavioral types and changes in neurotransmitters in blood and brain tissues.

Behavioral types are largely measured in four categories, and spatial perception, word memory, spatial learning ability, and explicit memory in mice with degenerative brain diseases have decreased to less than 65 percent for general mice. However, mice that ate samchae improved their spatial perception, word memory, spatial learning ability, and explicit memory by more than 20% compared to the control group that did not eat samchae.

Improving Diabetes by Controlling Blood Glucose

Samchae is rich in potassium, which helps balance with sodium in the body, and improves diabetes through blood sugar control.

As a result of feeding the diabetic mice with three sets, sugar and glycated hemoglobin (long-term blood glucose index) levels were lowered and insulin secretion in the pancreas was increased by more than 30%, 15%, and 8%, and insulin was increased by 2.2 times, 1.5 times, and 1.4 times.




a decrease in blood sugar

Reduction of glycated hemoglobin

Reduce body fat and prevent obesity

Samchae has high functionality not only in leaves but also in roots. As a result of fermenting the ginseng root for nine days and making it powder and feeding it to obese mice, the weight was 12% lower and body fat was 18% lower than mice that did not eat the ginseng root.




weight loss

a decrease in body fat

a decrease in blood cholesterol

The blood cholesterol concentration was lowered by 13% as a result of fermenting the root of ginseng for nine days and making it powder and feeding it to obese mice.




a decrease in blood cholesterol

three leaves

Prevent osteoporosis and improve bone health

Samchae is the eight major nutrients and is rich in dietary sulfur, which is essential for the human body. This is a collagen material that makes up cartilage and ligaments, which helps prevent arthritis and osteoporosis.

Samchae leaves were found to have the effect of increasing bone strength and density. As a result of feeding the extract of the three leaves to white mice undergoing osteoporosis, the strength of the bones increased by more than 35%, and the bone density also improved by 8%.




Increase bone strength

Increased bone density

improvement in asthma

Experimental mice that ingested the root of trichae also showed superior results compared to other functional materials in asthma improvement and immune control experiments.




Reduced blood asthma factors (lgE)

Lower inflammatory factors (IL-5) in the lungs




Decrease in the number of asthma-related cells in the lungs

the root of three vegetables

Increase growth and inhibit aging

Samchae has the effect of preventing diseases, enhancing growth, and suppressing aging by increasing the immunity of the meat system. The Rural Development Administration has been focusing on the functionality of ginseng since 2014, and along with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, it has revealed the immune control effect of ginseng in poultry.




Meat Growth and Immune Enhancement

Antioxidant and anti-aging

World’s Healing Food, Samchae

Agricultural Promotion Agency

Recently, as the various functions of Samchae have been revealed, Samchae is now attracting attention as the main character of the sixth industry beyond simple ingredients. Samchae is entering the global market as well as the domestic market with its unique functionality! Let’s look at the complexity of the functionality.

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