Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

Although 2022 began, symptoms of a recession that has continued since the end of last year are popping up here and there.

The consumer price index does not intend to come down, and the market loan rate is expected to exceed 6% and 7%. It may stop, but the former Nasdaq index is on the verge of losing direction as it repeats soaring and falling. 바이낸스 거래소 가입 As a result, investment technology is focused on safe assets such as gold, and considering the price increase of gold over the past 10 years, that does not seem to be the answer.

I think that’s why many people are interested in NFT transactions and investments. In particular, art material technology has a considerable attraction as an investment destination because safety and value are rapidly increasing in combination with NFT. So today, we’re going to talk about the advantages of NFT trading investment and art investment-oriented Nickplace, the recently released original NFT series Holic, the newly added NFT gift service, and the BAMA business agreement.

Rising NFT Exchange Nick Place

Nick Place is a platform that emerged in May 2021 to solve the transparency of transactions, stability and security of genuine products when investing in works, and scalability of transactions, which have been considered as limitations of the art market. By combining blockchain with art transactions, the beneficiary rights were NFTized to enable online transactions.

If there is OpenC in the U.S. in NFT transactions, Nick Place occupies an unrivaled position in NFT ArtTech in Korea.


Since Nickplace is based on real works, there is no risk of copyright issues, and it is possible to secure the permanent authenticity of the certificate because it issues the certificate as NFT.

Differences between Self-Developed Hot Wallet and tokens

NIKPLACE has its own Koolayton-based tokens, NIKX, NIKCOIN, and Nickholder. Both tokens are highly scalable with coins that support the Ethereum standard ERC-721 and also plan to support the ERC-20 standard.

Based on Nick Wallet, smart contracts can be carried out within the Nick Place platform. In the case of Nickholder, Clayton does not collect private keys and exists only on the system, so safer management is possible.

NIK Token: KlaytnScope official coin registration

NIK Token has a bright future in expanding its ecosystem and network as much as representative domestic cryptocurrency made by Kakao, which is also listed on Binance.

In addition, since it was recognized as an official coin by KlaytnScope, which can grasp information such as the movement of clay-based tokens and the total amount at a glance, NIK tokens have gained stability that both owners and traders can trade with confidence. It is all the more anticipated because the Bank of Korea’s discussion of digital currency is also in contact with clay.

Auction function and various payments are possible

The purpose of art investment and NFT investment is to make a profit. Of course, this is why support for the transaction of the artwork I purchased is important. Nick Place is available for P2P auction, so a more convenient sale is possible.

In addition, such auctions can be done on a PC, and you can download apps on Android and IOS. In addition, the Nickplace app boasts a convenient UI/UX that allows you to purchase works and buy and sell NFTs. Art transactions can be easily done on smartphones. The payment system also supports a variety of payments from PayPal to bankbook deposits, Nick Pay, and Apple Pay.


NFT gift giving function open

As interest in the economy is higher than ever, it is not unfamiliar to present stocks to special gifts such as birthdays of children and acquaintances. Now, why don’t you give NFT as a gift?

Nick Place is available for NFT gifts. This time, Nick Place showed a new NFT gift function. After logging in to the website, you can choose the art you want to give, select the Give a gift in the boxed part above, and attach the wallet address to the recipient.

NFT, let’s get it right

NFT stands for Non Fungible Token, which uses blockchain technology like Bitcoin, and is created based on ERC-721, an Ethereum token standard.

NFT grants separate unique recognition values to each digital asset. Therefore, when NFT is applied, it will transform into the only digital asset in the world. It is mainly used to tokenize scarce assets such as game items and digital pictures on the blockchain. Therefore, unlike ordinary coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, the value of each token (coin) is all different.

Art NFT Why should we pay attention?

NFT is said to be the only asset in the world, so what kind of personality does it have in the real world? The most representative is art.

Pablo Picasso has more than 10,000 paintings, and it is important that each painting is different. Regardless of which Picasso’s painting is purchased, it is the only painting in the world. But we can appreciate Picasso’s paintings in museums and even on the Internet freely. However, the right to the actual painting is held by the holder who purchased the original.

So what about digital painting? If 100 copies of the same digital painting are replicated and roamed on the Internet, how can we identify the actual owner of the painting? What solves this is NFT, which acts as an authentic guarantee.

exponentially increasing NFT transactions

Currently, NFT serves as a bridge between the real world and the metaverse world. As such, the volume of transaction amounts is increasing rapidly, and there are things to be careful about when trading NFT. It is a copyright issue.

There are frequent cases of copying the original and posting it elsewhere or without the permission of the author. Recently, Trevor Jones contacted the exchange after learning belatedly that his work, “Satoshi,” was posted on Opensea, and the work was immediately deleted.

Digital works can plagiarize more easily and quickly than analog works, so customers should have a reliable responsibility when registering works on the exchange, and buyers need to be more careful when purchasing works. Therefore, Nick Place, which trades NFT works based on real works, is more valuable.

Metabus launch scheduled for the first half of the year

As of 2020, Metabus (25%) and Art (24%) are overwhelming in the sections that rank first and second among NFT applications.

Nick Place will serve a new metaverse world called MetaNic during the first half of the year. Individual Dost will be available inside the metaverse, create a gallery space completely different from offline, and provide services that can be viewed and purchased. It is good to expect that a virtual space that surpasses Earth 2 and Roblox will be created in Korea.

The Holnic series released on December 6th

Original NFT Series Holnik Launches

On December 6, the third original NFT series, Holnik, was launched. If you haven’t bought it yet, I recommend you to hurry up and buy it.

Until now, the Nick Place original NIK series was so popular that Baernick, which was released in October last year, was sold out in just one day after its opening, and the second Monkinic was also sold out in just one hour. The Holnic series is also expected to continue its popularity.

Monkinic, Bairnick

It is worth it to be sold out quickly at the same time as the launch. In fact, most original NIK series are traded at prices several times higher than the initial price.

The 1st Holnic Design Contest is underway

Currently, a contest worth 40 million won is underway at NIKPLACE. The contest, which is being held under the theme of Holnik and Self-Portrait, is open to all adults.

Not only will cash and NIK, the token of NIKPLACE, be paid to the winners and winners, but will also be submitted to the exhibition and registered as a digital work of NIKPLACE.

All details on the progress of the competition, such as the schedule, screening criteria, and precautions, can be found in detail by clicking on the image of the above information contest. For reference, multiple works can be submitted because duplicate applications are possible.

By Andrew